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Pioneer CDJ-3000 Professional DJ Multi Player

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Pioneer CDJ-3000 Professional DJ Multi Player
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Pioneer DJ unleashes the CDJ-3000, the powerful, innovative and high functioning flagship multi-player. It boasts an all-new Micro-Processing Unit (MPU) which features ultra-quality components and an unprecedented number of functions that allow for ultimate creativity.

*Advanced MPU The new MPU not only drives the CDJ but ensures it runs more smoothly and increases its stability. The MPU is powerful, which means more features and functions can be introduced and can run at their optimum performance level.

*Pro DJ Link with Gigabit Ethernet Audio files can now be shared and played on up to six CDJ-3000 units from USB devices and SD cards when syncing them with a six-channel mixer (e.g. DJM-V10), thanks to the Gigabit Ethernet connection for Pro DJ Link. There is also a lighting feature available that is connected to Pro DJ Link where sounds can be synchronised with lights. The media player can send phrase analysis information to rekordbox, which means the lighting effects can be controlled using an RB-DMX1 remote which is available separately.

*Advanced Audio Playback Pioneer DJ pride themselves on the consistent quality of their sound reproduction. The CDJ-3000 relays this sound with intricate detail, precision and capturing the likeness of the original sound source over high, mid and low frequencies. The processor is 96 kHz/32-bit and is playable in all audio formats. The CDJ3000 uses advanced audio processing technology including master tempo, speed playback and the new Key Shift functions, which aids in replicating the realistic spatial sound and musical bass sound. Regarding the DAC (Digital-to-Analogue Converter) each analogue audio component of the circuit has been reviewed, and improvements made. The digital audio has also been carefully looked at to ensure optimum sound quality is achieved, and the best possible design discovered for critical parts. As a result, a more natural sound has been created through radically reducing digital noise, both at high volume and for more extended periods.

New and Improved Touchscreen Display The super 9-inch high-resolution touch-screen display features all the information and functions you require and more. Extra information has been added, along with shortcuts, and more buttons for the more frequently used categories and functions, such as Search and Playlist. This is to ensure easy accessibility and time-saving. The Graphic User Interface (GUI) has a familiar feel to it, primarily if you have used the CDJ-2000NXS2. However, now there is the ability to set the information you want to have displayed, along with other preferences, including text size. The touchscreen is super responsive and can use a swiping action to navigate. As a result, the user has an entirely customisable device which saves time, provides excellent flexibility and intuitive workflow. The 9-inch touch screen display has had its maximum brightness improved by over 150% when compared to its predecessor. This increase in flexibility is ideal for users to ensure visibility can easily be adapted to the environment they are playing in. Several new features have been added to aid in track selection including: Stacked Waveform – on one screen there is an enlarged waveform of the track on the master player, along with the one you want to cue up.

There is the ability to identify mix points, and visually check that the beat grids are lined up perfectly. Touch Preview – listen to any part of a track by tapping on the waveform in the right place, within the browse section. Here you can preview tracks from connected players using the Link Cue mode. Touch Cue – listen to any part of the track that is currently playing by tapping the waveform, without the audience noticing. This feature is useful when handing over to another DJ or back-to-back sets. Again, Link Cue allows listening to different parts of a track that another DJ is currently playing on a separate CDJ3000.

3Band Waveform Support – Provides the ability to understand how a track sounds without listening to it. Different colours are used to identify the volume of each frequency band in files that have been analysed by rekordbox. As a result, the composition of the music can be seen by looking at the waveform. This feature is in addition to RGB and Blue options.

Key Sync and Key Shift The Key Sync automatically adjusts the key of the track that is incoming to ensure that it matches the one that is playing on the master deck, creating a smooth transition. The Key Shift feature is available on the touchscreen and means the user can manually shift the key of a track up or down. Enhanced Layout The top plate is made from high-quality aluminium, and the Hot Cue, Play and Cue buttons have been redesigned, making them stronger than they have ever been. The arrangement is such that it allows the CDJ to be played like it is a musical instrument. Eight Hots Cue Buttons – the eight robust buttons are conveniently and intuitively located under the waveform display and are used to trigger Hot Cues. Their positioning makes selecting cue points according to the position in the track more natural.

Dedicated Beat Jump Buttons – The buttons allow the user to jump forward or backwards from the current playback position within the track. The quantised number of beats can be set to a value of ½, 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32 or 64 beats. Auto Beat Loop section – In addition to the 4-Beat Loop control, the CDJ-3000 includes an 8-Beat Loop button which allows for advanced creativity. Sounds can be looped on the go by using the expanded options for odd-numbered loops and polyrhythmic loops.

A V-Lock power cable is included which protects against accidental interruptions or disconnections. The console also comes with a quality digital cable that is easy to manoeuvre and ideal for use in professional setups or clubs. Redesigned Jog Wheel The mechanism inside the jog wheel has been redesigned, making it feel a lot sleeker. The latency has been reduced by half when compared to the NXS2. The handy little high-resolution screen display in the centre of the wheel is perfect for displaying vital track information at a glance.

Flexible Performance Options Rekordbox analysed music can be played from sources such as USB drives using the Export mode, or through connecting a laptop with USB-HID control and using Link Export or Performance Mode. The player is a Hardware Unlock Device which means Performance Mode can be used for free, and all tracks from a rekordbox library can be played including any from a streaming service such as SoundCloud Go+, Beatport or Beatsource. There is even the option to connect an iPhone through a USB cable and mix music directly from the iOS version of rekordbox. This supports several file types including MP3, AAC, WAV, FLAC, ALAC and AIFF. There will be news on official support for the use of Serato DJ Pro in the coming months.

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