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KRK Rokit RP103 G4 Active 10-Inch Studio Monitor

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Expected April 2021.
KRK Rokit RP103 G4 Active 10-Inch Studio Monitor

The KRK Rokit RP103 G4 is a powerful studio reference monitor speaker and the 4th generation in the Rokit series. This speaker features a robust digital signal processor that allows you to finely tune the speaker according to your room acoustics while the three tweeters let you hear the depths of every frequency band.  

The Rokit RP103 G4 is KRK’s 4th generation Rokit studio reference monitor speaker that skilfully combines art with science to deliver an impressive sound that lets you take your audio productions to the next level. A newly-developed triple amplifier design enables you to hear the depths of every frequency band in your productions with excellent clarity and has been built upon KRK’s 30-year experience in speaker design. 



More Information

KRK Rokit RP103 G4 Active 10-Inch Studio Monitor Key Features:

  • Professional grade 10“ (Tri-amp) studio monitor designed and engineered in the USA
  • Matching 10” and 4.5” Woofers, and 1” Tweeter all made with Kevlar®
  • Incredibly powerful and versatile speaker system—great for all sound productions
  • Rotatable 4.5” and 1” speakers for both vertical or horizontal applications
  • Built-in efficient Class D power amp
  • Proprietary speaker drivers built in-house from the ground up
  • Onboard LCD visual DSP-driven EQ
  • 25 visual Graphic EQ settings for different environments
  • KRK App with Room Correction Tools
  • Scientifically designed high-quality/low resonance speaker enclosure
  • High density acoustic Iso-foam pads for improved clarity
  • Newly designed Brickwall Limiter automatically engages at maximum amp level
  • Wide, deep and dynamic listening “sweet-spot” with incredible imaging
  • 3D soundstage creates incredible realism and depth in your mix (width, depth and height)
  • Optimized high frequency wave guide
  • Great for all functions of music creation from production to mixing to mastering
  • Front-firing port with optimized low frequency tuning alignment for the best possible transient response and extension
  • Designed and built by a “monitor“ company with over 30 years of proven success
Technical Spec

KRK Rokit RP103 G4 Active 10-Inch Studio Monitor Technical Specifications:

  • Configuration: 3-Way
  • System Type: Active Studio Monitor
  • Woofer: 10-Inch Kevlar Aramid Fibre
  • Mid Driver: 4.5-Inch Aramid Fibre
  • Tweeter: 1-Inch Kevlar Aramid Fibre
  • Frequency Response: 26 Hz - 40 kHz
  • Amplifier Class: Class D
  • Input Impedence: 5.12KOhms - Balanced
  • Input Sensitivity (unbalanced signal input, gain +11dB): 32Hz: -10dBV input, 109.3W, 0.01% THD+N
  • Input Sensitivity (balanced signal input, gain 0dB): 32Hz: +4dBu input, 131W, 0.07% THD+N
  • Inputs: Balanced TRS / XLR Combo Jack
  • Dimensions (HxWxD mm): 546 x 329 x 371
  • Weight: 15.9 Kg
Manufacturer Krk