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Pioneer DDJ-FLX6 DJ Controller, HDJ-CUE1 Headphones DJ Equipment Package

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Pioneer DDJ-FLX6 DJ Controller

The Pioneer DDJ-FLX6 is a 4-channel DJ Controller with new features, a unique style, a fresh look, full-size jog-wheels, the use of pro-sounding scratch effects and the ability to quickly mix tracks from various genres. The software choices for the controller are versatile, as either rekordbox or Serato DJ Pro will activate the DJ Output functions of the controller.

The key feature of the DDJFLX6 is the ability to blend between genres, which is instantaneous these days with streaming platforms sourcing more and more music. When choosing and mixing tracks, the controller gives the DJ artistic flexibility and takes away the concern of trying to seamlessly combine two tracks from separate contexts together.

Through the new Merge FX function, mixing between different genres is possible. A single knob can be used to gain power, where music can increase dramatically, and then produce a huge drop at the press of the knob. The beauty is that it can be done in any track at any stage and then play can be chosen on the other deck to flawlessly implement the next track (from any genre with a different BPM).

Thanks to the layout, the inclusion of full-sized jog wheels, and the brand-new Jog Cutter feature on the DDJ FLX6, energetic and intuitive performances come with ease. Jog Cutter makes it possible to move the jog wheel backward and forward to make slick scratching sounds, ensuring that the user performs like a DJ pro battle. The best thing about this new feature is that it can take full advantage of users who are new to scratching and have never scratched before. It also implies that there is no need to touch the crossfader.

Pioneer HDJ-CUE1 DJ Headphones

Begin your DJ journey the right way with the new Pioneer HDJ-CUE1 DJ headphones. Pioneer DJ’s next-generation CUE1 headphones are available in four different models, inherit professional features from the flagship HDJ-X range and come with an affordable price tag.

HDJ-CUE1 headphones are perfect if you are getting into DJing. They feature a professional look and comfortable feel, whilst reproducing an incredibly rich sound, helping you beat match your songs together. The pro-quality sound will also aid in protecting your ears from harmful frequencies that are sometimes found on lower priced cans

Pioneer has also launched five custom accessory packs (HC-CP08 - sold separately) that come in five different vibrant colours to help you express your unique style. You can choose one of the kits to customize your HDJ-CUE1’s by swapping the ear pads and the cable for the colour that suits your music style and personal taste.

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